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About Smooth Remote

Smooth Remote is simply the smoothest remote job board around for anyone on the lookout for remote work. Whether you’re looking for smooth sailing in an established corporation or a new adventure in an innovative startup — your journey starts here. Breeze through the latest remote jobs and find your next destination.

Meet Arthur the Sloth!

Who is our curious creature? Meet Arthur, our Head of Happiness!

Long before he discovered the world of fully remote jobs, Arthur dwelled in the tropical rainforest of Costa Rica, where he used to laze away his days with family and friends, basking in their awesomeness. Though mostly hanging from trees. He's a Sloth, after all. It would be unreasonable to expect him to fly.

One day, Arthur had an epiphany: "I like my happy life, and I love dangling from trees, but I'm ever so bored." So on that very day, Arthur made himself a mission. A dreamer at heart, Arthur sought to break the shackles of his sluggish sloth metabolism. The one that had until then confined both he and his pals to their tree trunks. Did he declare that fully remote jobs were the future? Did he proclaim himself a visionary sent here by a higher power to heal the earth? No, it was a Sunday morning so he had cornflakes – and with spoon in hand and milk on chin, he began to dream. And dream he did. 

Arthur now had the world in his sights, and vowed to move not only when necessary but with a purpose! To flail his way to freedom! His first quest? To become a qualified mindfulness coach. Did he manage it? Absolutely. His goal? To give the other sloths the flexibility they'd been yearning for — both physically and mentally. Over time he expanded his knowledge and mastered the art of zen, travelling the globe — blazing the remote jobs trail — teaching animals and humans alike the ancient practices of meditation and mind over matter.